Bihun Sup Ayam


Bihun Sup Ayam is a noodle soup served with shredded chicken, sambal kicap (soy bean spicy sauce), beancurd, and veggies. Spicy level is medium. You can choose to eat with hard-boiled eggs and nasi impit.

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1. Bihun Sup Ayam

1. No add-on
2. Nasi Impit
3. Telur Rebus
4. Sambal Kicap


Pickup Locations:
1. Pickup at Armory & Gilman Parking Lot (2:00 pm) – FREE
2. Home Delivery (2:30 pm – 3:00 pm) +$2.00
3. Self-pickup @ Toronto St (3:30 pm – 5:30 pm) – FREE
4. Home Delivery (After 5:00 pm) – Add $2.00



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Bihun Sup Ayam: Rice Noodle with Chicken Soup
Sambal Kicap: Soy Sauce Spicy Sauce
Nasi Impit: Compressed rice, cut into cubes




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